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Homeowner Testimonials

  • LeDante

    Being an independent living advocate for people with disabilities, I know the importance of not only having a safe stable living environment but also an accessible living environment. Habitat allowed me to have both. It also allowed me the opportunity to give back to the community. Becoming a Habitat homeowner you become like a family with the staff, volunteers, and other homeowners.

    My Habitat experience has been a range of emotions from clueless to nervous, from disappointed to motivated, from humbled to inspired. I had always seen ads or heard about the organization, but I didn’t think it applied to a person like me. I am a single guy with a disability, very little income, and not so great credit. I decided after researching to give it a shot.

    After my first application, I received a denial letter. I was devastated at first then realized how close I was, so I was determined to try again. I made some changes, improving my credit, and the second time, I qualified and was accepted as a partner family.

    Everyone, from the new homeowners to the previous homeowners, from volunteers to staff, involved with Habitat has shown genuine compassion. It’s like a community within a community. There is no way you can go through this experience without wanting to continue to be an active part of the organization. This led me to be an advocate for future homeowners. I want to take what I have learned and assist them so they can have the same experience.

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